Free online sewing resources

Since I am mainly a self taught sewer, I have spend a great deal of time researching sewing and sewing techniques online. In this process youtube keeps being a valuable resource to me. It is mindboggling how much good information, explanations and demonstrations you can find, free of charge. Youtube is without a doubt my favorite social media. I owe a great thanks to all the people who have taught me without knowing.

Therefore I thought I would dedicate a little of my blog to sharing those videos and channels that I have found the most helpful.

Generally when I wish to learn something new or be inspired/entertainer or are just curious, I just search on the name of the technique on youtube and a lot of things will pop up. However in my searched I have found that not all videos have been equally helpful to me. So the resources that I list below are youtube channels that I for one reason or the other keep returning to, for their, in my mind, high quality of content.

I will add more channels and online ressources as I find them.

Youtube Channels:

Professor Pincushion

There are a lot of great channels for sewing on youtube, but my go to will have to be Professor Pincushion.

The channel is filled with a ton of small tutorials on how to use specific techniques and some sewalongs for sewing patterns. The videos are clear and well made in regards to filming, light and sound. The instructor is easy to understand and things are explained in simple terms that everyone can follow. I have found that I can most always find the answers to my questions here.


Coolirpa is a channel that is relatively new to me, but that I have subscribed too ever since I found. Coolirpa is made by April and the channel is about sewing and especially about refashioning thrifted clothing. Typically the videos follow her transformations and you get little tips and tricks on how to refashion or alter your clothing.

I really love this channel for its inspiration and entertainment value. April seems super nice and is good at what she does. I always want to go to the thriftstore when I have watched her videos.

Sten Martin Jonsson

Sten Martin Jonsson is a swedish bespoke tailor (the videos are in english – with a lovely accent of course), who has made some draping and tailoring tutorials. He does not upload new videos very often but the ressources he does have I have found to be very interesting if not super useful as of yet, since much of his work is based on draping, and I do not have a dress form. He is also very much into using old techniques and seems to be very concerned with high quality of craftsmanship. For me it is always worth checking out just out of curiosity.


This is a channel that I have found just recently and so far I am very happy with it. Like professor pincushion it is a channel with little tutorials on different techniques and methods. There is also some refashions and some fabric hauls. I love fabric haul videos, not sure why.


I am not being sponsored or in anyway reimbursed for the recommendations that I give here, they are just ressources I am fond of, and which I think other people might enjoy or appreciate.