Blogs I read

I think the first blog I found and read was Goodbye Valentino. I read and I read and one day I saw you could see what blogs she liked. So I clicked the link, and voila, all of the internet sewing community became accessible to me. Blog after blog of committed skilled sewers, and in those blogs, links to new blogs. Amazing.

So I want to keep that trend going, and also let my blog be a stop on the way for you blog exploration journey. So I have here listed the blogs I enjoy reading.

If you see that your favorite blog is clearly missing on my list, be sure to let me know so I can go have a look at it. If your favorite blog, just happens to be your own, that is alright with me.



Goodbye Valentino | 2015

Diary of a Chain Stitcher

Idle Fancy

Cashmerette – Plus Size Sewing

Cookin’ & Craftin’

House of Pinheiro | A creative sartorial

Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing

Crafting A Rainbow


Dixie DIY

male pattern boldness

Charity Shop Chic

Handmade by Carolyn – Thoughts on sewing, knitting, and looking my best

Closet Case Files | A sewing blog for the modern maker

makery | random acts of creativity

allie J.

Silly Billy Sewing



Erica Bunker | DIY Style! The Art of Cultivating a Stylish Wardrobe

Design By Lindsay

oonaballoona | a sewing blog by marcy harriell

The Sewing and Life Adventures of Emerald Erin