Hi there!

My name is Jannie and I have recently discovered that I like to sew.

I am danish, and I am 34 years old, living in wonderful Copenhagen. I have decided, to make an internationally friendly website, since I have discovered a huge and wonderful international sewing community “out here”, on the internet that is. So be forewarned english is not my first language, and expect little word and spelling hick-ups from time to time. I do my best, but no imperfect spelling, grammar or punctuation will keep me from posting about my sewing.

I am here to share my passion, to inspire and be inspired.

I am a budding new seamstress, rocking a Brother DS-120, a pattern making book and not much else just yet. my passion for sewing, is all about getting clothing that fits my body as well as learning and developing new skills, figuring things out, and trying out new solutions.

Some of the things I sew, comes from patternes I have created myself, and some from commercial patterns.

Feel free to hang around and if you need to contact me, you can do it here: