New sewing items.

Hi guys,

A couple of days ago i was my birthday and I got some new sewing items. So I thought I would share those with you, plus a few other things I have picked up lately.

So the first couple of things to show you is a couple of new feet for the sewing machine (Brother DS-120)

Walking foot Alternative concealed zipper foot

The first one is a walking foot for my machine, so hurray for that. Have been wanting one since I tried sewing those “faux leather” trousers. The second, green one, is an alternative concealed zipper foot. I got it recomended in the sewing machineshop, when I complained that mine were “taking sides”. I mean it sewed closer on one side than the other. I tried it out today on the Sew over it tulip skirt I am working one. It was great.

The second sewing related present I got for my birthday, is a years subscription for the dutch sewing magazine Knip mode, from my sweet boyfriend. In Knip mode all the patterns have a high size range. I got my first number a couple weeks ago, but I have not yet sewed anything from it. I will let you know how I get along though. So far the language is not really a problem. I always thought dutch seemed like a combination of danish, english and german, so I can sorta make most of it out. And what does not make sense, google translate helps with. He also sent me some beautiful flowers because he couldn’t be there with me. He is a soldier and a couple of weeks ago he got shipped off to Africa for the next five months.



The last items I want to share with you is this stack of magazines. About half of them are Burda Style and the other half is a danish craft and sewing magazine. I found about 15 of them in my local thrift shop. All of the magazines had their patterns, completely unused. They were recent too.

I got three magazines for the price of one liter of milk. It was crazy. I could not believe my luck.

I also found the little embroidery pattern book (It was the same price as the magazines).


Do you guys read sewing magazines? Which ones do you prefer?

Thanks for stopping by!



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