The First Ten: Item 10: The hacked concorde

Hi guys,

My item number ten was supposed to be the Harrison shirt from Cashmerette. And while I have sewn up a Harrison, it does clearly need some alterations. So I am procrastinating. And the best way to do that is to sew yourself something completely diffrent, but lovely.

So while I gather my courage, I sewed up this lovely hacked version of the concord. The fabric is a lovely jersey called Milano jersey, and I think it is a polyester/cotton blend, but there might also be some spandex or something in the mix. I got both colors for cheap as scrap-cuts in my local fabric shop.

So I had done some sleeve alterations on this version,  (trying to increase the width of the sleeve without tinkering with the arm scythe by creating a curve on the bottom) and to check it before giving the final okay, I just basted the sleeves and sides together to start with. The sleeves were pretty good. I will probably do a little tiny alteration next time, and make the curve slightly less sharp, but for now, it is a great improvement. However I thought it seemed a bit tight around my hips/belly. I also thought that the way I had placed the colors made it look like an old t-shirt fashion. So I decided to try and add some triangular side panels, both to give some more width and to change the look a bit.


Looking at the pictures of my finished result I am very happy, I know I will be very comfortable in this t-shirt. However I am wondering if maybe I need to remeasure myself, because I do see some draglines at the side of my breasts, and it was a bit to snug around the hip/belly area. Oh well, we shall see, it is no big deal.

Well that was it for this time. I hope you all are enjoying yourself.

Feel free to leave me a comment, I appreciate and welcome them all.



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