The First Ten: Item 8: The Concord T-shirt(s).

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Hi guys,

I figured it was about time I got around to getting some pictures taken og some of my projects, . These two projects are both versions of the Cashmerettes concord t-shirt, and have been lying around for a while. I have kind of been waiting to do a third and “perfect version” before uploading it. But I figured that would probably take a while, so I might as well upload.

The pattern I cut out for the first version was the V-neck view in the medium length with long sleeves, with no buttons. I adjusted the size so I was a 16 top and 18 bottom (cup E-F) and I also made a full arm adjustment (I think they are called), Adding in 2,5 cm (1 inch). I had ended up writing to Cashmerette for a hint on how big their arm sizes were, since I was unsure about working with a knit pattern, and the magical concept of negativ ease when using knits. I got a helpful reply within half an hour. Excellent service.

The instructions were great and easy to follow. But just to be sure I looked at a few tutorials online when it came to sewing the V-neck. They all suggested using some stabilizing tape, but my pattern just wanted stay stitching for the V-neck. A quick check told me that I had no clue where my stay tape had gone, so I decided to just do the stay stitching.

Sewing up the V-neck went like a dream, it looked so good I could not believe I had made it. Until I noticed I had put it on the inside of the blouse. Oh… Ya, I definitely made this. An hour of careful unpicking later I tried again. This time it seemed I had stretched the seam, damn it. I left it and finished the rest of the t-shirt while pondering what to do. First I thought, that I have blown it. But after sleeping on it I decided to unpick it again and try once more.

After unpicking it the neck hole still seemed stretched out, so I trawled the internet for a way to re-shrink it. In the end I asked Gilligan from Crafting a Rainbow, and she gave me some helpful tips. In the end i tried washing and tumble dry it, and it seemed to work. However I realized that it was still very low cut, to low cut for my taste. So after pondering this for a while I got a new idea.

I made a new collar much wider (total with of 8,5 and then placed it on fold, so my final product was a foldet band 7,5 cm wide). So instead of it becoming an edge-finish it became a feature. I am really happy with the idea of the collar, but I think next time I make it, I need to cut it another way, so it does not sit and “flap” but rather sits snug around my neckline. So in the end I am a bit torn about the result. I might still try and save it, but not sure. Sometimes you just got to call it a day.

The plan for the second version was to make it with a high neck this time. Besides from the V-neck just being to low for my taste I also figured it would give me a better idea of the size and fit, without a big “hole” in the front. So there is not much to say, I pretty much followed my patterns with the alterations from last time and I am really happy with the result. The only thing I will change next time is the fit of the sleeve. Even with the full arm adjustment it sits tight. I am used to tight sleeves so it is okay really, but a part of me want an even fit, that is part of the reason I got into sewing anyway. Next time I will definitely make a much larger sleeve adjustment.

I might also make the neck-opening less wide.

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All in all I think this second concord was a succes! Hurray!


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