The First Ten: Item(s) 7: Panties!


My first pair – a little trouble with the elastic tension here.


Since I so far have thrown myself into sewing with knits and stretch fabrics, I thought that panties, could be a fun project to get familiar with. So after the idea rippening for a while and having looked at some tutorials online I decided it was time and ordered some some stretch cotton. I also had some black and white stretchy cotton-ish fabric that I had made a little sleeveless top from long ago.So I jumped in, and I am obsessed. It is so rewarding!

My second pair



I started out finding a free pattern online, but that did not work out. So I set about making my own panties pattern, based on a pair I already owned and felt comfertable in. After making the pattern I followed this tutorial from Silver Linings Atelier for the actual construction and the sewing of the elastic, which was a new thing for me. And I must say it was a steep learning curve, so the first pair was not a great succes (but still totally wearable!), I felt confident that my next pair would be even nicer to look at. So I plowed on, and the first day I made two more pairs in a pretty pink stretch cotton I had gotten for this specific purpose. It was a great success.

normal elastic


I really had not thought through how much elastic even one pair of panties would take, so while I thought I had pico-elastic enough for plenty of pairs. In fact there was enough for two pairs. I had some plain old elastic too, so that worked out to. I have ordered some more, both pico elastic and fold over elastic.





I had however a long piece of dark raspberry-ish color stretch lace, so I have also made some lace hipsters following a free pattern from sew so easy which I graded to suit me (worked really well).




Sewing panties is seriously fun, and I am really happy with the results. I cannot wait to get some more elastic and then chop up some old t-shirts I do not use anymore. I have also thought about some ways to change my original design for some fun details. As soon as my elastic arrives I will experiment with making more variations. Thongs and laced back panties are next in line. I am also thinking how I can alter my pattern for other types of more fun and flirty variations. Rouching? colorblocking? See through panels? I have made a new pintrest board for panties-inspiration. Feel free to look!


I also plan on sewing a little camisole out of the pink stretch cotton.


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