The First Ten: Item 5: The Sports Top

So a while ago I went to the fabric shop, and there was a sale. And well. I am a sucker for a good sale. So I came home with a little extra, if you know what I mean. That extra included a weird grey fabric, with some silvery shine to it, and a little stretch. The sales person didn’t really know what it was made of, but we agreed it seemed pretty synthetic. It was at the insane price of 3 meters for 50dkk (7,5USD),  and i am pretty sure that was most of the reason I got it. Consumerism, god damn you. I am your bitch, it seems.

At the moment I got home and unpacked my wonderful bounty of fine fabrics and notions (and well, the grey one…), it was instantly clear I had no idea what to do with this strange silvery fabric. Mostly it made me think of listening to Boney M – night flight to Venus and hanging with my cousins in our childhood moving box spaceship (There it would have been more than appropriate! Mandatory even).

In the end it lay in my fabric stash for something like a month while I worked on other projects and nervously eyed it from time to time. It finally struck me that, space ship wibes aside, it kinda reminded me of the fabric some of my training tops, were made off. I double checked with a training top, and bingo!

So I decided to make it a princess seamed work out top, with slightly longer sleeves than regular (it just works better for my arms. The shape of my upper arms often makes the sleeves roll up). So I watched some video tutorials on youtube and referred to my pattern crafting book. Got my basic block, allowed for less ease, rotated some darts into the princess seams and this is what turned out!


Front 1 front 2 front 3 side 1 side 2 back 1 back 2 back 3

I plan to make one for my for boyfriend too (twinsies!!), for some reason we both have this little love-hate-loooove relationship with being dressed the same. It is disgusting I know. Disgustingly good! So this weekend I got out my measuring tape and measured him top to bottom so I got his measurements ready for when I am ready to make his top, or anything else really. Believe you me, we got aaaaall the measurements.

Evaluation:I am really struggling with my collar making. This final collar is the third attemt and honestly it is not very nice. But the fabric is too damaged from the seam ripping for me to feel comfortable to give it one more go. So this will be it, and I will continue to work on my collar skills with other garments. The princess seams turned out great – no sweat, I will do this again! By accident I made the sleeves a bit to tight by using the wrong seam allowance so I let them out. Seam ripping a three point zigzag well… it did a bit of nastiness to the fabrics, with a few snags, even tho I was fully focussed on being careful. So next time more attention, less ripping. I have not tried working out in the top yet, but I have worn it bit around the house, and it seems good.

Also when I look at my pictures I notice things I didn’t notice before. Lately I have been reading a lot about fitting clothing. Been wearing ill fitting clothing most of my life, it is not something I have thought about to that degree before, but now I start to notice. I can see the sleeves are still to tight and I got some draglines in various places. Maybe the bust area is also to tight, even though it does not feel it, or maybe it will fall into place when I get the sleeve size right. Also there seems to be an awful lot of fabric on my lower back, so next time I guess I should do some kind of sway back adjustment. Frankly I am new to this, so if you know or have a suggestion about what the problem is, every hint and comment will be appreciated.

What about you, do you sometimes fall victim to the consumerism ritual of “sale” and end up coming home with things you could have sworn did not belong to normal-sane-you? And what did you do with it then?

Thanks for tuning in, Talk at you soon!



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