Friday Share: Thrifted Transformations and Self Compassion

So it is friday and the weekend is drawing close. For a lot of us that means ample opportunity to get sewing, crafting or creating. So I thought what better than to kick start the weekend with some inspiration.

Personally I can be inspired by a simple technique, a complete refashion, a dedicated attitude or a pretty fabric. Or anything in between. Since I have just added a new section to my blog that is focussing on online sewing ressources, I thought I would highlight one of these ressources today since it is a continual inspiration to me.

For those of you who do not know April from Coolirpa, this might be a treat. April transforms thrifted clothing to new garment. I would like to highlight this video in particular, since I found it to be awesome and inspiring.

Inspiration can also come to me from other places than sewing, because for me sewing is tied into a larger theme of self compassion and quality of life. It is about making myself and other people nice things, making my life more joyous, fun and comfortable. About feeling good, and doing something I love.

Therefore I would like to add another cool free online ressource which is about self compassion. is a website from Dr. Kristin Neff, who has dedicated her work to the study and practice of self compassion. On this website you can read more about what self compassion is, take a test to see how self compassionate you are, and there is some free self compassion exercises and guided meditations.

direct link to the exercises and guided meditations: Practices

What inspires you? And why do you sew?

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