The First Ten: Item 4 – Cloning The Rectangle Top

Hi again,

So today I wanted to tell you about my item number four, which I finished a while back. I finally got around to photographing it today, because I realized I could do it myself, since I am not going to model it. Item number four is a flowing strappy summer top in a rectangular design. In this item my challenge was about trying to clone an item of clothing.

The original top


This is the summer top which I already own, and love to bits. And therefore wanted to clone. It was also meant to be a refashion of a kind, where the new garment would be made of thrifted mens shirts. However that part did not work out.



The plan was to make a pattern from the top, which I did.

My muslin top
My muslin top

However there was a little trouble in paradise, since it seemed that the original item had warped a bit with use and some places it was hard to get some sane measurements. In the end I think I did a good job, and managed to figured out some measurements which seemed plausible.

The blouse itself was based on a rectangular design, divided into 10 pieces (2 front pieces, 2 side pieces, 2 back pieces and 4 bottom edge panels, and 4 spaghetti straps). After making my pattern my plan was to redo it using some old mens shirts I had founds in the thrift shop. However before I cut into the shirts, I decided to make a muslin first to see how the pattern had turned out. I decided to use an old duvet cover, that I didn’t mind cutting into and which I figured came close to the shirts fabric wise.



Good thing I did. Because after completing the muslin I realized two things.

  1. It was too small for me (which is also why I thought no reason for me to model it so I could talk about the fit on me)
  2. The fabric had completely removed the flowing element i cherished about the top. And if anything the planned shirt fabric would be less flowing.

So I have decided to cancel the project for now, if it was just about the size I would have continued and altered my pattern, but I simply do not have the right fabric for it, so I will put it on hold for now. I debated wether I should do the pattern alterations now, so I have a functioning pattern, but I decided to wait until it was relevant, so I don’t have to change it again, if I gain or loose a bit of weigh by next summer. Also I think the days of summer is running out for this year in Denmark, so light flimsy tops is just not top of my list no more.

I still count this as a completed project even though I don’t have a wearable item completed. It was a good learning experience, and I think both the pattern drafting and the construction of the garment went very well.

Not sure what I will do with the mens shirts. My seam ripper suggest trying to make one of them into a me-shirt. Could be fun. We shall see.

Very nice speaking at ya, have a lovely day and see you soon.


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