What is my style?

Since I have started reading sewing blogs, I have heard descriptions of what people thought their style was. A lot of sewers seem to like vintage, but besides from that, there seems to be a great variety of styles out there in blog land.

This has of course made me think of my style. What is my style really? Do I have a style, like just one, or combinations of several different styles? Or am I just a chaotic mess of impulse buys and practical wear?

I know I think about what I need to wear for work. In the workplace outfits I always aim for trying to look a combination of competent and approachable (for pretty much all age groups). Someone you would feel safe to ask a question in your moment of doubt, and someone you would feel confident would give you a competent answer. Sometimes more one of these aspects, than the other. Going into work in jeans can be fine for one type of day and a blazer the next. Nothing sexy, provocative or too elitist or artsy. No-one should feel under- or overdressed in my company.

In my free time I just wear what ever is comfortable and practical. I do not really feel I have a set idea of style. I do not go out much, so it is so/so with the party frocks.


I guess clothing never mattered a lot to me. I grew up a chubby girl, and I have stayed that way most of my life. And being a chubby kid, does make it more difficult to find clothing. I also developed early, and genrously, so there was that whole dreaded bra situation. Meaning, the bras i could fit were pricy, so I did not have enough, and most they didn’t fit well or was uncomfertable.

So for a big chunk of my life picking clothes was not about “what I liked”, but more about “what fit”. I could not fit anything slightly fashionable, and what I could fit tended to come from the same shops my grandmothers also frequented. So that was definitely out. That sorta led to that for most of my teenage years, I resorted to hiding out in jeans, t-shirts and hoodies, feeling completely uncomfortable with myself and my femininity. I hated buying clothing and especially I hated buying clothing for special occasions, where I could not trump, that a hoodie and jeans were “just fine mum!!!”.

So luckily a lot has happened since then. The selection and availability of plus size clothing and underwear has boomed, and especially in the underwear department I have gotten my own back with a vengeance. I wear nice clothing now, no hoodies  or baggy t-shirts in sight, and my relationship to my body is fine now. But shopping for clothing is still just a necessity for me. Because even though, I can get prettier clothes now, they still fit pretty awfully most of the time, even though it is my size (it is just never my size on all of my body at the same time).

But now I am here. I can sew it all (with greater or lesser success, but all in due time).

So what do I really want? Now that I truly have the power to pick, and all that is holding me back is such trivial things as imagination, budget and skill?

Inspired by Emeral Erin quest for style and wardrobe certainty (she got a great blog by the way, check it out. And she makes lingerie!)I also decided to try and think some more serious thoughts about my style. So I went on Pintrest and tried to create myself a look book for the fall/winter. And it seems I really like white shirts, chunky nits and dainty layering pieces. I also seemed to like soft woolen dresses, tan leather skirts, eyelet fabric, and a few pieces with some really stunning details, that would absolutely make me feel like the world was mine to have and to keep. Here is a couple of examples:


jakkewhite yoke blouseback pleates

When it comes to colours I think what suits me well, are some cool pastels, I think you would call me a “summer-type” perhaps with some wintery tones. Which suit me fine, I like those colors.

When it comes to cut and design, I find myself a bit torn between, what I like and what I know will suit me. These last years I have been wearing more clothing that I liked but that I knew was not flattering on my body. I have just had this feeling of exhaustion, in regards to always trying to use some kind of optical illusion (vertical lines is slimming! This black cut out really enhances… Singed in waist is so good for all curvy… BLA BLA BLA). Why do I constantly want to go around trying to trick people with fabric optical illusion, or flattering cuts? Sometimes why not let my body be my body without constantly having to try and hide or enhance things.

I do want to look good, but there must be some middle road here, and I am hoping I can find it with sewing.

Feel free to check out my fall look book lookbook efterår. I love Pintrest. If you got suggestions for something (a piece of clothing, a sewing pattern, a website etc.) you think I might like, then I would love to hear it.

Do you have a set style? And do you pick mainly on the basis of what suits you or how do you pick clothing? Have you made a fall look book that I can be inspired by?

Good talking at ya, more soon!

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