The First Ten: Item 3: Scoop Neck Top

Hi guys,

So here we go. After my two first homemIMG_2634ade patterns, I decided it was time to try a commercial pattern. So I picked Burda Style Scoop neck blouse.

It is a simple design, containing bias binding (new to me) a few pleats and raglan sleeves (also new to me). the blouse is loose fitting, so I figured no big alterations were needed, except a upper sleeve adjustment. So it was the right beginners pattern for me.

And here is my finished result! I have worn it several times now, and I think it is definitely good. I especially like it tucked into some high waisted trouser.


Evaluation: In regard to the design/fit, I think I will change a few things next time I make it. The sleeves are kinda long, nothing major, but why settle? So I will make them shorter (I think I will make these shorter too). Also, I think the scoop neck is fine but I think it is a bit to wide on me, showing my bra-straps, if I do not stand perfectly still. So I will alter that (I think it should be possible to just lay out the pattern pieces and tape them together as were they sewn, overlay some tracing paper and draw the new neckline there, cut it out and stick it on the pieces, right?).

IMG_2641In this version, I got kinda confused and I accidentally made tucks instead of pleats. I liked the result, so I did not change it back, but perhaps next time I will do it with the pleats. Also the blue floral cotton fabric I used wrinkles like noones business, and it does not drape to well (I think this is why it worked well with the tucks). So in hindsight, not the best fabric I guess.

Speaking of next time… Well I have actually already purchased some fabric. I kinda wanted something with a better drape and more classic of look. I found this white modal which I will combine with some burgundy satin ribbon instead of the bias binding. The modal is smooth to the touch, and I think it will drape well. Also I was thinking of putting cuffs on the sleeves. It will be awesome I think. Cannot wait to make it and show you!

It feels like even though the blouse is done, the process of making “the good blouse” from this pattern is just beginning.

Fabric picking and handling is hard, but Im learning!

I hope you all are having a good time.


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