The First Ten


So this is it, my first blog post. Hurray me. After a long time of snooping around other peoples sewing blogs and marveling over their wonderful creations, feeling inspired and awed, I have finally decided to become a blogger my own self. As you have probably noticed, my blog is a work in progress, in time, I will make it awesome. I promise, really I do.

So far I will just say. I like it! The whole internet to speak to, and all about sewing. This will be a welcome relief for my boyfriend as I am sure you can imagine. I got lots to say, but I shall try and pace myself and instead just say a little about what I am working on at the moment, and what is upcoming for me.

So as the blog title sorta implies, I am new to sewing. My mom sewed some when I was a kid, and still sews sometimes but somehow it never became that thing “my mother taught me how to sew” – more like “youtube taught me how to sew” – Thank you wonderful members of youtube. I guess I had to grow into it.  But the inspiration from my mother was definitely there.

My sewing machine
My sewing machine: Brother DS-120.

I bought my wonderful sewing machine about a year or two ago, and after a passionate start I stalled due to a shoulder problem, and my machine got stored up on a shelf. One day, not to long ago, I looked around, and there my machine was. I dont remember why I thought about it again, but suddenly I did. Since then, I pretty much haven’t stopped thinking about it. My sewing machine has gained a more permanent position on my desk, and sewing blogs has invaded my browsers bookmarks.

Sewing has become not just a passion, but an obsession! Everything sewing in magazines, books, blogs and on youtube I swallow in great amounts and in turn I excrete little bits of colored pieces of sewing thread everywhere I go. My eyes constantly roam the bodies of my fellow men, to unlock the divine mysteries of their clothing construction, or the elusive type of fabric. It is like I have stumbled into another dimension, where tings previously unnoticed, but present, have taken new shape and mening in my life. And it is just… Wonderful.

So what am I working on right now?

I have been very inspired by all of the challenges, pledges and social sews I have seen out in sewing-blog land, and at some point I am sure I will join one. But for now I am working on my own little challenge. Which i plan to update about regularly.

The First Ten

The first ten challenge, is simply just that I want to sew ten items of clothing, of my own patterns or commercial. After that I will give myself a little reward for sticking in there when it got rough and I had thought I had bitten of more than I could chew.

It is just my way of motivating myself and having fun, to set myself little goals and challenges, to monitor my progress and remember to be proud of all the work and time I put into it. Right now I am about to finish garment number 5. which is a sports top, with princess seams (I will post about it separately). The first ten is all about separates and basics. things suitable for the home, an active lifestyle og in an office-ish environment. Pretty much, just what I generally wear. As of yet, I have felt no urge to make big fluffy lace gowns, but who knows what the future will bring!

The first ten is also about “just doing it”. Not letting the desire for perfection cripple, but getting over the starting line, and accepting that things will be flawed, that sometimes my mind can imagine things, my experience can’t yet produce. That the product won’t always be like the dream, but always trusting that with effort and practice, it will be worthwhile and in the end, get better.

The first ten, is essentially about embracing being new, and throwing myself into the fray.

I am no great photographer, but I will try and get some more camera competent people to take some pictures of what I make, and show you here (no more lazy-eyed-drunken-hippo-shots, thank you!)

Maybe you are an experienced sewer, maybe you are new like me. How did you get started sewing? And did it become an obsession for you too?




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